• PRICE :

     The price of all agricultural products cannot be binding, because it depends on harvest      

     conditions, weather climate, and markets.

  • SAMPLES : 

    Sample if required will be provided without commercial value approx 100-250 Gram.

    Such requirement of sending samples through courier normally is charged by the receivers except whom having available account (Fedex, DHL, TNT...). However, the courier fee is not always borne to the receiver, it can be negotiated. The samples we provide are from the most recent results that will be used for pre-testing and testing



     The buyer must submit P.O (Purchase Order) and sign the Purchase Agreement  

     letter that has been mutually agreed between the two parties.

  •  PAYMENT :

      The currency used is US Dollars, we also accept Euros.     

      Payment is arranged by mutual agreement by:

       TTR (Telegraphic Transfer Remittance) details include percentage, bank account,

      date, value.


     Our product is always available. After the buyer gives purchase order (PO) to us, so we

     immediately proceed packaging and arrangement of cargo / containers. Because of the  

     availability of equipment in the factory and skilled work teams, commodities are  

     immediately prepared, packaged and loaded into containers. Usually it takes several

     working days from the date of taken the empty container and must be process of loading  

     the goods, from related documents such as Order Notes, Bill of Lading / shipping evidence  

     and information about cargo status must be updated regularly to the buyer. 

     We also try to cooperate accurately with forwarders or shipping parties to ensure

     that customer cargo / containers are delivered on time every time.

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